Resident Evil 4 Ryona - Claire, Ashley, Ada

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Author Jill Valentine (6 hours)
You cunts are seriously fucked up!

Author nanamirinrin (23 hours)
Let me enlighten (or traumatize) those that don't get it: Yup,I do think it's
strange too.

Author Kyle Broflouki (22 days)
Le hizo fatality :V 0:57

Author Josue Barriga (8 days)
Loco o loca es este tipo 

Author Ananda Toscani (7 days)
o cara não sabe jogar

Author Pedro Silguero (1 month)
3:36 !!! Ashley SHUT UP XD !!! This is ☠1000 Ways To Die ☠ 

Author Dylan Couture (1 month)
5:06 damn girl

Author Diego Goicochea (24 days)
nice !DEAD!

Author Javi Gracia (3 months)
OMG people it's so obvious there're doing it on purpose xD -...- I mean get
real xDヽ(´∀`)ノ

Author AGamingWolf (6 months)
who ever is playing is dying on purpose

Author EddyGames_ SK (3 months)
3:37 lol wut ?

Author colonel24567 (8 months)
To bad the Ashley mod can't be decapitated. She could use one.

Author Oleg Malakeev (6 months)
why do not you break up with Sandler

Author Cho Jia Tian (1 year)
2:57 did that guy poke his penis into her vagina?

Author TheWeed1996 (9 months)
2:50 RAPE again wtf 

Author daniel puga sanchez (9 months)

Author Melissa Lou (8 months)
du bist dumm

Author Jardany Hidalgo (7 months)
lol lol lol lol

Author Goku Hoku (5 months)
Hmmm why ada only get one death lol 

Author Harry Len (7 months)
damn man

Author Amalia Pesqueira (11 months)
Son estupdos :-( :O

Author Ash St3wart (1 year)
I can't stand Ashley... -.- I be pissed when I save/get her back

Author Hector Manuel Hernandez (11 months)
stupid noob because you let them kill you

Author TheWeed1996 (9 months)
2:16 LOL! Rape

Author Loga Nator (9 months)
This video should be called violent women deaths

Author GUMPERT VEYRON (8 months)

Author Nivel Notch (11 months)
5:11 :3 

Author glaivedacier (11 months)
You sadistic f.....

Author angel santos (11 months)
excellent love the brutal deaths you are a psychopath like me lol

Author Tristan Paul Young (8 months)
Such a damn noob. -.- What the fuck is the point of this video?

Author Anna G (1 year)
Who is ryona?

Author yoosw0217 (1 year)
oh no my girlfriend

Author kwok wai (1 year)
poor girls

Author Ga Da (1 year)
What the hell?

Author Jack Commando (1 year)
Noob Playing Man!

Author my romance23 (1 year)
how did you get Ashley

Author Drago7281 (2 years)

Author Ricardo Somoza (1 year)
Hola! Yo con gusto te dire como jugar con Ashley en PS2 Amiga ^_^ pero
antes debo decirte que es algo muy dificil de hacer y que necesitas hacer
muchas cosas para jugar con ella y cuando estes jugando con ella, hay cosas
que no puedes hacer o que debes hacerlas segun yo te lo indique, si no, el
juego se traba jeje. Hola! ñ.ñ

Author Jhonata Guedes (2 years)
but anyway I'm sorry friend lousy video

Author Aleexandre Costa (2 years)
My favorite 0 06

Author meme AL Mutairi (1 year)
ياخي غبي لهالدرجه ماتعرف تلعب

Author legend xpidea (1 year)
This is a hack

Author tHeWasTeDYouTh (2 years)

Author Carlos Tobies (2 years)
que enfermos jaja

Author Alex Romero Bravo (1 year)
2:38 Cool

Author Tohru Adachi (2 years)
@TheSinnerReloaded ...seriously? the first two seconds of the video made me

Author Mysterious N (2 years)
What those zombies are thinking. 0:01-0:08 - OM NOM OM. 0:35- GET OVER
HERE! 2:20-2:23 - Look what I got. 2:47-2:55- Need a hug? 3:06-3:09- I
taking you to my crib. Ashley has some huge boobs there.

Author Jesus Edgardo gonzalez Parada (1 year)
por que no?

Author _CRISSELGAMER_ (2 years)
sadasfasdsadsa en el segundo 0:05 se la violo el regenerador y en el 2:48
el otro que no me acuerdo como se llama XDXDXDXDXDDDDDDDDD

Author Hellen Rock (1 year)
por que las torturan

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