Best Video of Heaven, Hell and Angels, that I've seen.

The best NDE/OBE Recreation I've seen.

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Author sherry taylor (8 days)
If this doesnt convence people, i dont know what will

Author Ross Chara (1 month)
Don't you all think God would be compassionate and loving? You say, "There
will be consequences in the afterlife." Do they have to be eternal or so

Why not just make a guy write, "I will not be a witch" 700000 times on a
board and then let them into heaven? Punishment should be remedial and

Author Cootabux (3 months)
Sorry, but only an evil deity woould create such a hell as shown here,
especially if such torment was eternal. Eternal torment for finite crimes??
I think not.
This hell concept was created in the minds of man. They use it to
intimidate people and to control their behavior. Do you really think a
loving and merciful god would send any sentient been to such torment. If
this were true, then it is the most evil act imaginable. And this is
especially true if this god designed and created man, giving man all of his
instincts and nature, all of his basic desires and drives. No way do I
believe such a thing. 

Author thedefectality (1 month)
Yea because everyone who practices Wicca, (a religion focused on respect
for nature) eats flesh. what an ignorant stupid video.

Author Mataelesiaki Siaki (2 months)
stop lying mate your lying if you really went there you be dead not alive

Author MaryJane (2 months)
Interesting-I also had an experience of 'going somewhere' and seeing a
really beautiful place with buildings that pulsed with a strange, almost
visible power, that really did make them seem 'alive' but unlike this man,
I certainly didn't see anything like the hell he described-not even a hint
of anything negative. Nor did I get the impression that any form of
praising the almighty was taking place. Did we (by that I mean me and this
pastor) really 'visit' another dimension and experience it in a way that
was unique to us? I just sort of ended up in this place on my own, but the
pastor had a personal angelic escort. Was it actually real (whatever
reality is) or just a powerfully symbolic 'mega' dream that happens to
share similarities? What do you think?

Author Robert Hersh-geer (2 months)
My gawd I can do a much better job with photo shop...such a fake piece of

Author Jhonathan Allan Mabazza (1 month)
Where is the second part? 

Author GenerationForGod (4 months)
Lord Jesus have Mercy on us all. I advice all my brothers and sisters in
Christ to search for sin that's lingering in your lives without notice and
repent of it daily. We can grieve the Holy Spirit even with the smallest
"evil" as I would say. For the rest of you, may God Almighty grant you
grace and open you eyes to His truth. Faith is the substance of things
hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The beauty of God is that He
has touched millions upon millions of lives without having to give those
millions of people physical proof of His existence. God wants genuine
followers. Once a soul goes to Hell, it isn't God whom deals with them any
longer. They don't belong to Him. As they have rejected Jesus, so will He
also deny them before His Father. You can call God evil all you want, that
wont change the fact that He IS LOVE. He doesn't just love he is love. But
He is also Just, and hellfire is what we all deserve; only difference with
believers is that we have been justified by Christ's blood; and one must
keep the Lord's word. Believe it or not, many christians, I myself included
have had many proving of the Lord's existence. He reveals himself to anyone
who diligently seeks him with all their heart.

Author DLF SCOT (2 months)
Hmmmmmm. All Angles and Saints are whites. NO blacks in Heaven.

Author Daniel Lewis (5 months)
The Bible says when you receive Jesus you don't go to Hell . So why would
this man go there when he receive Jesus?

Author Maximiliam Andersen (5 months)
LOL this video is so stupid! We all know heaven consist of only one thing!
Noodles! R'Amen!

Author Deuce Davis (2 months)
So........if u are not thinking this is not real just think about ur loved
ones u want to see again.god bless everyone convert to be in endless

Author Mitsulevski (3 months)
Yesterday while I was on a hospital almost dead, I saw a miracle, some
retards believing in fairy tales, called Christians, Muslims or whatever.

Author Cam Tran (1 month)
I love god and Jesus I will always believe in them

Author Strefanasha (3 months)
If God can only forgive is after we forgive others FIRST how can he forgive
us of the sin of unforgiveness, especially as if we walk in the flesh we
cannot do it or any other submission to God (see Romans 8) ?

this legalistic slant on the scriptural passage is so prevalent, but it in
fact requires us, by its logic, to keep the entire law of God first

if you have unforgiveness in your heart do not be so foolish as to "make
the act of will" to forgive. this will always be pretense.

instead confess it to God, bring it our to him in one on one relationship
with the Holy Spirit, for he is our wonderful counsellor, and he already
knows our hears, do this over time and he will cleanse and forgive it the
same as with any other sin.

I reject this vision as being an endorsement of a heresy, namely the
pelagian heresy

Author vickie sanchez (1 hour)

Author Steven Phillips (1 day)

Author David Burk (2 days)
This is mostly bull by this guys delusions. It is said in the bible to
obey the ten do that and you will know peace

Author Simon Brown (2 days)
Archaeologist Nelson Gleuck asserts:
"It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever
controverted a biblical reference. Scores of archaeological findings have
been made which confirm in clear outline or exact detail historical
statements in the Bible."

Author StuieMaaate (2 days)
That scene of hell is scary as hell!!!!!terrifying

Author ebucriss1 (2 days)
Best Video of Heaven, Hell and Angels, that I've seen.

Author Billy Coetzee (4 months)
who are the saints?

Author Dyani Bahe (4 days)
Heaven, Hell and Angels

Author chuck marsh (5 days)
This is very interesting but not biblical.The God of justice would not
condem a person without a fair trial . Eather the judgement seat of Christ
or the Great white throne judgement at the end of the millinium. The N.T.
says that no man has assended to heaven exept the one who decended from
heaven.( jesus)

Author MyHusbandMJ (5 days)
It cut off, OMGOODNESS is there a part 2 ?

Author Ravi Janu (6 days)
The major evil of this world are the zionist who r killing muslims and
christians all over the world. specially in iraq, libya, syria and
Palestine/Gazza. they r killing innocent babies and children. they trick
people into thinking that christian and muslims r evil.

Author Thomas G. (6 days)
"If I a wrong in my beliefs...where does that leave me? -If you are wrong
in yours, where does that leave you ....?"

I am certain us humans track our modern time "AD" (Anno Domini) after our
Lord and Savior for a multitude of reasons ....

Author George Patterson (7 days)
How can we think that this whole cosmos was created for us? intellectual
dreams thats all this is

Author MrJAYMZ78 (9 days)
Nope, cant believe in this crap. I don't think anything anyone can do,
would result in an eternity in hell. It makes no sense. How could God think
that this is the right way this whole thing should work? Actually if this
was real, and this was his actual idea and design...I'de tell him its crap
and send me to Hell cause i don't want anything to do with his bullshit. He
isn't perfect but kinda fvcked up and unqualified as a universal designer.
The saints sit there all day and pray to him? WTF is that? A bit
egotistical in creating something to kiss your ass all day... and if you
don't BURN! I'm 100% sure this crap was made up by people to control minds
with the ultimate fear. I feel sorry for all of you. As I'm sure you're
thinking the same about me right now lol. Seriously, no proof of anything,
but you are told to have faith....really? He sends messages through other
people to tell others, and we are supposed to take his hallucinations
seriously? Ok how about this GOD, got something important to tell me, tell
me your fvcking self. BTW, still waiting on that call. Because ppl lie and
deceive and i'm not taking the word of ppl who abuse power and write mind
control books called the bible. ....Wow i was so mad writing this i didn't
even see Cootabux said the same exact thing. Anyways, ppl wake up, stop
living in fear of these old stories. You'll feel better. I do believe in
something, but its not like this. Only man would think of a this concept.

Author Rebecca Montgomery (10 days)
Scary to think of hell. I struggle with drugs and drinking. I hope god has
mercy on me.

Author oladele akinlose (10 days)
Some people leaving comments here are very hellbound if they do not change
their ways or repent. So what do you think.
Do you seriously think that the wicked will inherit the kingdom of God. I
was looking at a website which showed how these isis people beheaded a
young innocent 9 year girl. (SAD). They were also cutting a womans throat
with a big bowl put to her neck to catch her blood which was gushing out.
(SAD). Ask yourself is heaven or hell waiting for these kind of people.God
is not like man. He is just in all he does. I know him well and love him
and his son very much. Do the same too while you still have your being so
that you can escape gnashing of teeth.

Author wayde forbes (12 days)
Awesome video regardless 

Author Shelley Hayes (14 days)
There is a HEAVEN and a HELL.Do what it say's, and all will be shown to

Author Christina Cormier (14 days)
who are the actors that played in hell in this

Author NibiruTheBrownDwarf (15 days)
This is the reason we need to check ourselves "daily" to see if there is
anything in us that is "not" pleasing God in our lives. We are ALL
susceptible to going to hell. Not one single solitary sin will ever enter
into Heaven. Sure I could come up with plenty of questions that would rival
any atheist or scientist. But the fact is, this is very real and it's a
shame that some folks won't believe it until they are dead. The spirit of
unbelief is so prevalent today.

Most if not all of these stories are true. I am hear to tell you all that,
because I have had a few myself. I KNOW Jesus Christ is the Son Of God, is
very real, that there is a Heaven and a Hell, and angels and demons exist.

Author Raindrop Pony (15 days)
omg i don't wanna go to hell plz no plz no plz no!!!!!!!

Author Dillard McPenishold (15 days)
Another bullshit story. And I think it's illegal to use the Doctor Who them
song without their permission. 

Author Tasha Harris (16 days)

Author Phyrom Oum (17 days)
This man experience like my great grandma. So the story that my great
grandma told me was true.

Author Ed Amagna (17 days)
Cootabux, God gave us freewill to choose to obey Him and be embraced with
His love or be our own god and do as we please, disobey, sin and follow the
path of the devil.Hell is made for the devil and his demons and since we
all gonna be spiritual being when we die, where do you think we will be if
we dont want God to be with us? God so love us that he made the ONLY way to
be with him and that is Jesus Christ the begotten son who died for our
place, took the punishment for us and rose again reigning beside God the
Father. It is really our choice and no matter what we believe it will never
change the truth. It's your choice man, what do you believe? God be with
you...Peace Out.

Author SeSe 4Jesus (18 days)
Truth Seekers please visit my playlist and subscribe, God Bless

Author Roxine Cherie' Evans (18 days)
PSALM 35:8 - "Let destruction come upon him unexpectedly, And let his net
that he has hidden catch himself; Into that very destruction let him

Author jenelle mccallum (19 days)
hell isn't real

Author Mojo Davis (20 days)
From my understanding, if there is a place of torment called hell, it is
not the permanent eternal place depicted in this video. According to the
Book of Revelation, the PERMANENT place is the Lake of Fire, where the lost
are cast along with Satan and his angels. I would not want to go to either
place, but no matter how I try to avoid them, in the end I am going to have
to depend on the grace and mercy of Jesus when I stand before Him in the

Author Beta Marashi (20 days)
I have sen Jesus and heard god speaking to me, I would love to know who can
help me make video of it?

Author Ardit Salihu (5 months)
If your in another religion and its wrong if you were would you go to

Author Anybodywantsome more (21 day)
Misinformed people make misinformed decision's. The god's we know do not
exist. Stop your religious lie's and propaganda. We will never know for
sure doesn't mean you assume that we do. 

Author Domination (23 days)

Author Joshua Yaskovich (23 days)
Why Do you have the Doctor Who Theme in the beginning? Is anyone else
weirded out by that?

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