Best Video of Heaven, Hell and Angels, that I've seen.

The best NDE/OBE Recreation I've seen.

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Author sherry taylor (3 months)
If this doesnt convence people, i dont know what will

Author John Riley (1 month)
The angel said if the pastor does not forgive his wife he will not be
forgiven and he will end up in hell? This is error. We are under the new
covenant not the old. The old said if we forgive God will forgive us, But
if we don't God will not forgive us, But the new says because we have been
forgiven we too much forgive> Be careful church this is based on the old
covenant of the law.

Author Daniel Mcfly (1 month)
When people have testimonies of heaven it's the same however when
people have testimonies of hell is different. I wonder if hell has many
levels if you hear this testimony and compare it with Angelica Zambrano
and many others it will give you a different result. One this is for sure
everything you see here is true.

Author wes d (1 month)
God is a arrogant little jealous hypocrite. I bet he sits on his thrown
stroking his cock while the brainless sheep lift their hands and worship
Him. It makes me sick to see how people actually believe this story to be
true. God made you to worship Him. How fucking arrogant....

Author John Gagon (1 month)
O:o O:o O:o

Author Russell Cucchiara (4 months)
Don't you all think God would be compassionate and loving? You say, "There
will be consequences in the afterlife." Do they have to be eternal or so

Why not just make a guy write, "I will not be a witch" 700000 times on a
board and then let them into heaven? Punishment should be remedial and

Author Princess Pai (2 months)
God is so great. I hope that I go to heaven when I die because hell is
really scary. 

Author Simon Brown (3 months)
Archaeologist Nelson Gleuck asserts:
"It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever
controverted a biblical reference. Scores of archaeological findings have
been made which confirm in clear outline or exact detail historical
statements in the Bible."

Author yu keey (3 months)
im scared i dont never ever want to go to hell after i die :/

Author 65rowan (4 days)
Daniel has a lot of Demons inside him eating human flesh seems as though
that is one of them. Its a pity all cannibals don't have this experience.
It make me wonder if Toto Coelo are going to hell seeing they eat

Author garda847 (9 days)
D: will poor daniel be accepeted?

Author eddieisfiction (9 days)
That's totally fake.

Author Tom Sawyer (12 days)
Nice fairy tale.

Author Monica Arlene (13 days)
God is good

Author Tessa Carol (18 days)
I want to be in heaven. No visiting hell just heaven

Author Marie Jose (27 days)
Where is part 2?

Author Cootabux (7 months)
Sorry, but only an evil deity woould create such a hell as shown here,
especially if such torment was eternal. Eternal torment for finite crimes??
I think not.
This hell concept was created in the minds of man. They use it to
intimidate people and to control their behavior. Do you really think a
loving and merciful god would send any sentient been to such torment. If
this were true, then it is the most evil act imaginable. And this is
especially true if this god designed and created man, giving man all of his
instincts and nature, all of his basic desires and drives. No way do I
believe such a thing. 

Author FeesoTheHeeso FTH (29 days)
This is super fake

Author Glenn Gilday (1 month)
Absolute complete BULLSHIT.

Author SlashNetworksAqw (1 month)
Praise God!

Author Cyril Rampersad (1 month)
One Person Experience Of Heaven And Hell !

Author Tangerine Farmer (1 month)
This is weird and the Dr. Who music in the beginning definitely doesn't

Author erbert sulpico (2 months)
in my DREAMS i saw to ANGELS he ask me come to me then i told hem yes take
me i cannot see there FACE to much light its sparkling ....then i saw DEVIL
he ask me also to go with her but i told him no i dont like u ....

Author mike white (1 month)
I do not need to be convinced because i believe, but the thought of a
pastor faced with hell for not forgivingis a scary thought for a ex convict
who has lived a life such as mine. I am in my early 30s so not just
reaching for god in my golden years like some and did not find god i'n jail
like most ex conficts. I was lucky enough to have a mother that made sure
i knew God and Jesus from the beginning but fell from God starting in my
teens when i became more interesting in girls and drugs. It has been a
rough roadyto be lost on but i am glad i found my way while there is still
time. I repent daily as should everybody. God bless :) 

Author alan mckinnon (2 months)
will hill is not for me im going to see god

Author Jus'chillin' (5 months)
Interesting-I also had an experience of 'going somewhere' and seeing a
really beautiful place with buildings that pulsed with a strange, almost
visible power, that really did make them seem 'alive' but unlike this man,
I certainly didn't see anything like the hell he described-not even a hint
of anything negative. Nor did I get the impression that any form of
praising the almighty was taking place. Did we (by that I mean me and this
pastor) really 'visit' another dimension and experience it in a way that
was unique to us? I just sort of ended up in this place on my own, but the
pastor had a personal angelic escort. Was it actually real (whatever
reality is) or just a powerfully symbolic 'mega' dream that happens to
share similarities? What do you think?

Author anthony barnes (2 months)
ECC 9:5 For the dead know nothing.
Lookout for deception !

Author Robert McKay (2 months)
Hi James. Did you recognise anybody in hell?

Author TulliusAgrippa (2 months)
A film for retards.

Author Robert Hersh-geer (5 months)
My gawd I can do a much better job with photo shop...such a fake piece of

Author Nico Boud (2 months)
since, Daniel promised to himself to stop mixing salvia and datura...

Author GenerationForGod (7 months)
Lord Jesus have Mercy on us all. I advice all my brothers and sisters in
Christ to search for sin that's lingering in your lives without notice and
repent of it daily. We can grieve the Holy Spirit even with the smallest
"evil" as I would say. For the rest of you, may God Almighty grant you
grace and open you eyes to His truth. Faith is the substance of things
hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The beauty of God is that He
has touched millions upon millions of lives without having to give those
millions of people physical proof of His existence. God wants genuine
followers. Once a soul goes to Hell, it isn't God whom deals with them any
longer. They don't belong to Him. As they have rejected Jesus, so will He
also deny them before His Father. You can call God evil all you want, that
wont change the fact that He IS LOVE. He doesn't just love he is love. But
He is also Just, and hellfire is what we all deserve; only difference with
believers is that we have been justified by Christ's blood; and one must
keep the Lord's word. Believe it or not, many christians, I myself included
have had many proving of the Lord's existence. He reveals himself to anyone
who diligently seeks him with all their heart.

Author Thomas G. (3 months)
"If I a wrong in my beliefs...where does that leave me? -If you are wrong
in yours, where does that leave you ....?"

I am certain us humans track our modern time "AD" (Anno Domini) after our
Lord and Savior for a multitude of reasons ....

Author Sharlyn Ripka (4 days)
Best Video of Heaven, Hell and Angels, that I've …:

Author Errol Smythe (2 days)

Author Rebecca LaPoint (3 days)
That was a big WOW! I cannot wait for the rapture to come. I wish the
rapture would come now.

Author Robert White (9 days)
Wow hell is more scary than I thought it whould be 😧 im 7 years old im a
👼 im a boy 🚹of Jésus.Jésus please save me my parents and my whole family

Author Marie Edwards (3 days)

Author Judith Peters (7 days)
Thank you son you are a child of God I am proud of people like you. Thank
you so very much. amen.

Author Anne Eranza (6 days)
Yes.there is Christian,Muslim,Buddhist...but believe,we have only ONE
GOD.GOD is forgiving,...

Author randy71166 (9 days)
Danny please stay off LSD !

Author Christina (9 days)
Wow, Still so much black and white thinking! God created the world and
evolution is part of that divine process.

Author jackielou orot (17 days)
My Faith In God is Always there ..Here Experience was true ..i think every
one have same experience in Near Death ..they Saw Heaven and Hell ..! i
dont need evidence to see this thing if this real or not ..cause i know one
day i well see this thing if i am Die Important was my Relationship and
my Faith in God, the Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Be Strong and Believe
Only ON Him !

Author santy nebot (14 days)
About title Matthew 22:15-21, vs 21...... And Jesus said to them render
therefore to Caesar the things(pay taxes) that are Caesar's, and pay to God
the things(tithes, offering) that belongs to God. God ask of us only the
10th part of all He blesses us with, in the book of Malachi 3:8 God calls
robbers those who Refuse to give Him their tithes. And no thief can enter
the Kingdom of God, read Malachi 3:10-12 some of the Blessings that goes
with tithing.
Be doer of God's Word not hearers only, Remains ever Blessed 

Author Ryan Warnett (16 days)
i wanna headbang to some Metallica with the devil

Author Ron Colson (14 days)
Praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as he is good

Author latterrain church (22 days)

Author Patrickseakamela Patrickseakamela (19 days)
lets all repent jesus is coming

Author Kyron Robinson (24 days)

Author Mauvaiseloup (24 days)
Doctor Who...?

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