Best Video of Heaven, Hell and Angels, that I've seen.

The best NDE/OBE Recreation I've seen.

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Author sherry taylor (5 months)
If this doesnt convence people, i dont know what will

Author Lee Young Yae 이영예 (23 days)
This is powerful. 

Author wes d (3 months)
God is a arrogant little jealous hypocrite. I bet he sits on his thrown
stroking his cock while the brainless sheep lift their hands and worship
Him. It makes me sick to see how people actually believe this story to be
true. God made you to worship Him. How fucking arrogant....

Author RabinoBoricuaVirtual (1 month)
The apostle Paul (peace be upon him) was a man of God; a good man. In
fact, he was a sincere believer, and God was certainly pleased with his
sincerity. Unfortunately, Paul was sincerely mistaken, Why? Because he
thought the meaning of Torah’s rites, sacrifices, and commandments, was to
teach humanity the idea of salvation through “the blood of the lamb”
(Moshia). What a beautiful idea! What a noble interpretation! But, did the
Hebrew Scripture validate this interpretation?
What did Yah (blessed be He) expect us to think was the meaning of the Law?
Here is what He himself says- «In the future, your children will ask you,
“What is the meaning of the laws, the regulations, and the case laws that
יהוה (Yah) our God commanded you?” tell them: We were Pharaoh’s slaves in
Egypt. But יהוה (Yah) brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand. Before
our own eyes, יהוה (Yah) performed great and awesome deeds of power against
Egypt, Pharaoh, and his entire dynasty. But יהוה (Yah) brought us out from
there so that he could bring us in, giving us the land that he swore to our
ancestors. Then יהוה (Yah) commanded us to perform all these regulations,
revering יהוה (Yah) our God, so that things go well for us always and so we
continue to live, as we’re doing right now. What’s more, we will be
considered righteous if we are careful to do all this commandment before
יהוה (Yah) our God, just as He commanded us» (Deut. 6:20-25, Common English
Does God’s opinion regarding the Law’s meaning (the Christain “Old
Testament”) validates Paul’s interpretation (Blessings and Deliverance by
faith in the blood of the Moshia)? Or does it validates Solomon’s
interpretation (blessings and deliverance by the obedience of God’s
commandments), as it’s written- “Worship God and keep God’s commandments
because this is what everyone must do. God will definitely bring every deed
to judgment, including every hidden thing, whether good or bad”
(Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Common English Bible)?
Does this means Christianity is a totally false religion? No! It only means
Christian theology is seriously mistaken; but, the Christian call to
sincere repentance, is indeed true (as is also the Islamic call to
repentance), and can lead it's followers into the “Olam Ha-ba” (life

Author Jesus Christ (28 days)
The truth of life has been revealed. We can do better than believe in what
the truth is, for the first time we can know. The spirit of truth has
returned and led us into the full truth. This is truth you can and should
check while you are alive and requires nothing but an honest and open mind.
Visit *Truthcontest•com* nothing could be more important or worthwhile.

Author Jason Voorhees (1 month)
You really think that this video is going to convince people to belive in
nothing...God is not someone,its something that gives you the strength, the
will to cross life's obstacles.Christianity wants to force people to belive
in Suffer and Pain,all those sins were someones imagination. We were
growing shocking fear that gets chipped into our bones. The God's Rules
were the "dashboard" of manipulation of the mankind...
We are all free,we do not belong to pain,suffer,agony...Why do we
suffer?-Its because we "followed the rules"! Open your eyes wide-open and
see whats going on around you!

Author Princess Pai (4 months)
God is so great. I hope that I go to heaven when I die because hell is
really scary. 

Author excusia (5 days)

Ephesians 1:7
according to the riches of his grace;

Colossians 1:14
In whom we have REDEMPTION THROUGH HIS BLOOD, even the forgiveness of sins:


Mark 11:25-26
And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that
your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.
But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven
forgive your trespasses.


Mark 11:24
Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray,
believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.



Luke 16:24
And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus,
that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I
am tormented in this FLAME.

2 Thessalonians 1:8
In FLAMING FIRE taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey
not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ:

Mark 9:43
And if thy hand offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter
into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the FIRE that
never shall be quenched:

Author mikeiswhite3 (9 days)
Now i feel like im not forgivin....... But i have accepted Jesus i have
tried my very best keeping the 10 commandments, Also love thy neighbor, I
pray to God everyday to forgive me. I have been asking from other to
forgive me and forgive others, Can anyone tell me if i would be?

Author lovebeyondnow (3 days)
sow what you reap = karma ... love unconditionally and do not judge others
then you can be united with heavenly loving beings ... :D ... who owns the
original, can i use part of it for my channel ??? thanks

Author Kolombo Jesus (10 days)
thes dreams a visions are meant to decieve us we belong on earth. Why would
anyone want to be with a monster God who forgives rapist paedophiles
murderers. God is a fraud. the end has not happened yet nor should it
happen Satan is the God of the christians becaus no christian is righteous.
how can your God be perfect if he only reveals himself to a select few and
tried to make us jealous. also this is probably made up by the 419 scammers
of west Africa. We in the satanic world believe Satan allows us to be
tested in this manner if we refuse the fear he will reward us. God hates
Gays orphans widows witches warlocks straights lesbians trangendered and
does next to nothing and we are expected to put up with his punishments. he
is self righteous and afraid to lose his throne and omnipotence. Satan was
a better ruler and mankind is much older than the,written word. God is
covetous. fuck heaven and two thirds of the host they are deceived.

Author The Blessed Words (1 month)
I'm a muslim i really really i like the video there is alot of things that
can touch hearts and consince But as i know because God say in the QURAN
is nobody is in hellfire right now and in heave there is only the prophets
and the angels people will go to heaven and hellfire after the judgment
day but GOD knows best.

Author Eltercero (2 hours)
Wow, I watched the Hell scenes - God is one violent bastard. And that's the
guy we are compelled to worship? The one who sends people there? Quite
flippantly? You have a very sick religion. 

Author texascommtech (25 days)
EVERYONE, everywhere, every nation and every language, should be made to
watch this and other similar videos, because we are all, EVERY single one
of us, going to DIE, and no matter how hard atheists, or agnostics, or
satanists, or so called "illuminati" or "pretend" Christians, or anyone
else wants or tries to pretend otherwise, there IS a life beyond the one we
live out in these physical bodies, and we are going to be living forever it
seems, in one of two places.
This video was very sobering to me, and I can see there are a lot of issues
in myself I need to work on. It scares me to death to be forced to face the
fact that I could possibly ever go to such a place. Right here and now, as
best I know how I choose to forgive others who have hurt me in various
ways, and I choose to forgive others that dislike or hate me for no
legitimate reason.
I think unseen demons actually work behind the scenes to instigate all
kinds of problems between people, and to cause us to do things we might not
normally do, to cause us to sin and to cause ruin, unhappiness, war, greed,
lust, hate, confusion, error and misunderstanding between people.
HOW we live each and every moment of every day is FAR, FAR MORE IMPORTANT

Author Daniel Mcfly (3 months)
When people have testimonies of heaven it's the same however when
people have testimonies of hell is different. I wonder if hell has many
levels if you hear this testimony and compare it with Angelica Zambrano
and many others it will give you a different result. One this is for sure
everything you see here is true.

Author Johnnie Jenkins (3 months)
I accepted the LORD as my personal savior 9-16-2014.The LORD waited for me
for 50+ years.I go to church every Sunday read my bible and pray.Their is
nothing like asking GOD to come into your heart.If you don't know GOD ask
GOD to come into your heart.Pray to GOD say God be merciful to me a sinner
and save me FOR JESUS sake.Thank- you JESUS for saving me in JESUS precious
and lovely name. AMEN.

Author mary kwon (6 days)
If you anything especially healing, fast and pray to Jesus 3 days.

+Vitliy Korkishko +Abraham O'Dare XCYGENT +sjurdurkjv +SpiritOfTheSword1 +
AlistuvA7 +Munashe-Trust Saruchera +Caleb Manya +jahmai dougall +Faisal
Shah Murad +KCFonline +Yes Gutierrez +maria anne +Dr. Vanessa E. Franks, DDS
+Dustin Ray +Thehighonyah Court +I Met God In Heaven +Bob Smith +The's'Man
+Mario Roberto Ismale Quib +chosengen1able +LittleAnon7 +Gail Hanifan +
FaithfulFollower22 +PrincessInAChannel +andylozano17 +yasinspired +belongingtojesus
yeh +Christina Kalejaiye +Haych Jay 

Author erbert sulpico (4 months)
in my DREAMS i saw to ANGELS he ask me come to me then i told hem yes take
me i cannot see there FACE to much light its sparkling ....then i saw DEVIL
he ask me also to go with her but i told him no i dont like u ....

Author sabrina turner (2 days)
Wes d believe what u want but do not say gods name in vain. I belive in god
and hopdfully its not too late for you

Author Ross Cushara (7 months)
Don't you all think God would be compassionate and loving? You say, "There
will be consequences in the afterlife." Do they have to be eternal or so

Why not just make a guy write, "I will not be a witch" 700000 times on a
board and then let them into heaven? Punishment should be remedial and

Author D Smith (1 month)
The dead sleep. There are saints in heaven who arose when Jesus dies on The
Cross. Enoch and Elijah also. The Angels reside there.
But besides those, there is no one man or woman who is in Heaven or Hell.
The fallen angels are not in Hell either. No judgement has yet occurred.
It is possible that what he saw was a pretense of The Judgement. The
message is still clear though. Love and worship The Lord thy God. Love your
neighbor. Follow His Laws. Forgive those who trespass against you. Love you
enemy as you would love yourself.

Author Leonard Red (3 days)
*"In heaven, death will not hurt or be feared, but it will be a major
disruption of your life, and you will always try to avoid it when possible.
Death is the opposite of life, so life will never like it and always avoid
it when possible. Physical death is necessary from time to time for life to
be perfect." ~ from page 40 of ~~The Present~~ at TruthContest•Com*

Author John Riley (3 months)
The angel said if the pastor does not forgive his wife he will not be
forgiven and he will end up in hell? This is error. We are under the new
covenant not the old. The old said if we forgive God will forgive us, But
if we don't God will not forgive us, But the new says because we have been
forgiven we too much forgive> Be careful church this is based on the old
covenant of the law.

Author Robert White (2 months)
Wow hell is more scary than I thought it whould be 😧 im 7 years old im a
👼 im a boy 🚹of Jésus.Jésus please save me my parents and my whole family

Author Amira R (2 days)
+Isabelle Krause Watch this and everyone watch this this is a cool video 

Author istanbultravellers (1 day)
this is story..may all you die as muslim , last religion , so you can
save your life hereafter

Author James Berry (1 month)
What utter Rubbish. One would have to be very "Simple" to believe this Tosh.
The special effects are amateurish as well.Definitely not up to Disney
Whooo the JU JU man cometh.

Author Simon Brown (5 months)
Archaeologist Nelson Gleuck asserts:
"It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever
controverted a biblical reference. Scores of archaeological findings have
been made which confirm in clear outline or exact detail historical
statements in the Bible."

Author Terri Crochet (25 days)
This video is such a blessing to those of us who has lost sight of the
truth and has had their faith been shaken!!! Thank you for posting and
letting the world know this warning. The forgiveness part touched me the
most, because I've come to realize that I also have some unforgiveness
still inside me and right I ask God and my brothers and sisters in Christ
to help find the strength to forgive the people who have hurt me. Also I
ask forgiveness from the people who I have hurt as well!!! This is my
prayer for this nation.

Author Christopher Lee (3 days)
Actually your all wrong to be honest the trinity is 3 different entities
but the same in purpose god is god the almighty and his son the savior of
the world Jesus Christ and the holy spirit so please get it right thank you

Author Tupeace Eloheem (6 days)
Now this I believe, everything he is saying it's biblical and word...
I like...

Author Valerie Tenneson (17 days)
To 'the blessed word' you are right about hell! People are not in hell.
When we die its like a deep sleep. Just a few in Heaven now. But there is
not a hell where people burn forever! If you study the Bible the wicked
will burn just for a bit and the saints will be walking on their ashes
praise God! I could not believe in a God that tortures anyone or anything
forever! I am. seventh Day Adventist

Author Vanessa De La Rosa (6 days)
Im convinced I always have beleved in god and will continue to believe

Author Marius Sørenes (5 days)
So then the book of the lamb is irrelevant? Excuse me but i cannot belive

Author Millennuim Vidz (10 days)
possessed = retarded... bottom line people are nuts, just as many if not
more claiming to be abducted by aliens, 9/11 was a hologram. just glad im
smart enough to see threw all the bullshit.

Author Desiray12623 (1 month)
when he said that the angel told him to warn people because that would be
the last warning for this generation, that to me means Jesus is coming

Author Basketball boy (11 days)

Author tom crooks (25 days)
How can people experience hell, when judgement day has not arrived? I'm
curious and seeking god.

Author Made Wijaya (1 month)
I believe this video of heaven & hell is an illustration only, showing us
what's gonna happen with us upon death. It does not matter, if we'll first
go to Hades (the Grave) after death, to await the resurrection. Heaven is
real. Hell is also real, it is not created for human but for satan &
falling angels; someday should you visit this most terrible place one could
ever imagine.. you'll most likely remember this video again but it's
unfortunately too late to repent... God is love, He gives us the
opportunity & choice to accept Him or not, it's our decision now to accept
Him as our savior or to reject Him..

The bible tells us in John14:6: Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth
and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me...." The message
is very clear, our Lord Jesus is the Only Way!! Not all the good things
we've done and not the religions will save us but only through our Lord
Jesus. This is not a matter of logic but of faith. Hope our heavenly Father
gives us the FAITH to believe it and to be aware of this. Obviously
everybody will know the truth after the death but it's too late... We all
have been warned! Hallelujah..praise the Lord!

Author Kaleb Mahoney (9 days)
I like that the people are Wight looks like heaven still has segregation

Author bibi soumano (14 days)
@wes d, may the good god forgive you in the name of Jesus. I hope that you
burn in hell you devil soul. I hope that the day you die you will realize.
You devil child, selfish being.

Author Colerain Fan (1 month)
This is so lame, I honestly cannot tell if it is an attempt to be serious,
or a farce. That anyonw would believe this crap is scary. 

Author Barbara Ramirez (21 day)
This made me think of my own salvation and the people I Love so much and
friends and unsaved people .... where will they go ... it is our job to
live a life of Love and to tell them the truth about God, Jesus and

Author Elissa Sangi (1 month)
It is wonderful this man made a video out of his experience!

Author Dope Sensie (6 days)
its lie if and angle takes you then there is no return only if he gives you
one chance :) love all piece

Author kippercat123 (1 month)
You may want to bookmark this link soon. It will probably be taken down
because in it is every biblical reference that refers to the subject to
which the video above is about. What happens the moment we die. Do people
instantly go to heaven or hell upon death. In short do you believe what God
says happens the moment we die or what these people on youtube are saying ?
The work is done " mostly" by me ! Please leave comments here or at the
bottom of the study . Thank you !

Author Aziae Lion (1 month)
I hope Jesus has my Bugatti ready for me with my new BMW i9000 :)

Author Onepsalmist Collins (1 month)
Thru a near death experience I have seen some of this and I can report that
it is very real. It wasn't my time so He sent me back with a message to
both believer and non believer....."God loves you beyond your
understanding. He loves you so much that it's doesn't want to be there
without us." The reason people go to hell is because they reject
Jesus...........that's all..........He wants us to be with Him but He has
given us a choice.... just like He gave a Judas a choice. The Choice is up
to us and we WILL answer for those choices.....Good....or Bad......

Author juan c. rios (1 month)
Angels with wings? Why do angels need wings? All of them were white! Maybe
you don't belong there,Daniel.

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