Best Video of Heaven, Hell and Angels, that I've seen.

The best NDE/OBE Recreation I've seen.

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Author sherry taylor (4 months)
If this doesnt convence people, i dont know what will

Author wes d (2 months)
God is a arrogant little jealous hypocrite. I bet he sits on his thrown
stroking his cock while the brainless sheep lift their hands and worship
Him. It makes me sick to see how people actually believe this story to be
true. God made you to worship Him. How fucking arrogant....

Author John Riley (2 months)
The angel said if the pastor does not forgive his wife he will not be
forgiven and he will end up in hell? This is error. We are under the new
covenant not the old. The old said if we forgive God will forgive us, But
if we don't God will not forgive us, But the new says because we have been
forgiven we too much forgive> Be careful church this is based on the old
covenant of the law.

Author RabinoBoricuaVirtual (16 days)
The apostle Paul (peace be upon him) was a man of God; a good man. In
fact, he was a sincere believer, and God was certainly pleased with his
sincerity. Unfortunately, Paul was sincerely mistaken, Why? Because he
thought the meaning of Torah’s rites, sacrifices, and commandments, was to
teach humanity the idea of salvation through “the blood of the lamb”
(Moshia). What a beautiful idea! What a noble interpretation! But, did the
Hebrew Scripture validate this interpretation?
What did Yah (blessed be He) expect us to think was the meaning of the Law?
Here is what He himself says- «In the future, your children will ask you,
“What is the meaning of the laws, the regulations, and the case laws that
יהוה (Yah) our God commanded you?” tell them: We were Pharaoh’s slaves in
Egypt. But יהוה (Yah) brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand. Before
our own eyes, יהוה (Yah) performed great and awesome deeds of power against
Egypt, Pharaoh, and his entire dynasty. But יהוה (Yah) brought us out from
there so that he could bring us in, giving us the land that he swore to our
ancestors. Then יהוה (Yah) commanded us to perform all these regulations,
revering יהוה (Yah) our God, so that things go well for us always and so we
continue to live, as we’re doing right now. What’s more, we will be
considered righteous if we are careful to do all this commandment before
יהוה (Yah) our God, just as He commanded us» (Deut. 6:20-25, Common English
Does God’s opinion regarding the Law’s meaning (the Christain “Old
Testament”) validates Paul’s interpretation (Blessings and Deliverance by
faith in the blood of the Moshia)? Or does it validates Solomon’s
interpretation (blessings and deliverance by the obedience of God’s
commandments), as it’s written- “Worship God and keep God’s commandments
because this is what everyone must do. God will definitely bring every deed
to judgment, including every hidden thing, whether good or bad”
(Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Common English Bible)?
Does this means Christianity is a totally false religion? No! It only means
Christian theology is seriously mistaken; but, the Christian call to
sincere repentance, is indeed true (as is also the Islamic call to
repentance), and can lead it's followers into the “Olam Ha-ba” (life

Author The Blessed Words (14 days)
I'm a muslim i really really i like the video there is alot of things that
can touch hearts and consince But as i know because God say in the QURAN
is nobody is in hellfire right now and in heave there is only the prophets
and the angels people will go to heaven and hellfire after the judgment
day but GOD knows best.

Author Johnnie Jenkins (2 months)
I accepted the LORD as my personal savior 9-16-2014.The LORD waited for me
for 50+ years.I go to church every Sunday read my bible and pray.Their is
nothing like asking GOD to come into your heart.If you don't know GOD ask
GOD to come into your heart.Pray to GOD say God be merciful to me a sinner
and save me FOR JESUS sake.Thank- you JESUS for saving me in JESUS precious
and lovely name. AMEN.

Author Daniel Mcfly (2 months)
When people have testimonies of heaven it's the same however when
people have testimonies of hell is different. I wonder if hell has many
levels if you hear this testimony and compare it with Angelica Zambrano
and many others it will give you a different result. One this is for sure
everything you see here is true.

Author Russell Cucchiara (5 months)
Don't you all think God would be compassionate and loving? You say, "There
will be consequences in the afterlife." Do they have to be eternal or so

Why not just make a guy write, "I will not be a witch" 700000 times on a
board and then let them into heaven? Punishment should be remedial and

Author juan c. rios (8 days)
Angels with wings? Why do angels need wings? All of them were white! Maybe
you don't belong there,Daniel.

Author Aziae Lion (11 days)
I hope Jesus has my Bugatti ready for me with my new BMW i9000 :)

Author erbert sulpico (3 months)
in my DREAMS i saw to ANGELS he ask me come to me then i told hem yes take
me i cannot see there FACE to much light its sparkling ....then i saw DEVIL
he ask me also to go with her but i told him no i dont like u ....

Author deseda edwards (10 days)
Best Video of Heaven, Hell and Angels, that I've …: 

Author Lee Wardle (10 days)
Having viewed this it would be easier to believe that god is the very
naughty child of hyper intelligent, unimaginably advanced alien parents who
gets a sick thrill by torturing the pets they bought him.

Author iluvperkushun (2 days)
I always find this stuff so interesting and the ONLY thing that is
consistent from one story to another, is that NOTHING about them is
consistent! So maybe everyone has their own "personal hell" punishment
for not accepting Christ or a type of torment that relates to what their
earthly sin was. The only very common thing is the tunnel with a bright
light, and usually certain entities or spiritual bodies which are
identified when they get close enough. Sometimes they say it's Jesus and
after judgment they were damned to hell. Or Jesus told them "well done
good and.." so they step through the light and come to their eternal home.
That's pretty much it. I'm still searching for the "truth" and refuse to
tell anyone that they're wrong or full of $h!t. I don't know how we can be
100% sure that these people who share these experiences are actually
telling the truth, a version of the truth, or a story that they made up
which is a flat-out lie....but... There's no point in that and it's a
waste of time. Don't know...and not trying to convince anyone of anything..
this is just IMO and FYI ...take it as you wish.

Author HellRehab (2 days)
I love it when the blonde at 7:23 fixes her hair.

Author Nobby Ross (2 days)
If you want to know the way of God read 'The Autobiography' by Saint Teresa
of Avila or 'The Diary' of Saint Faustina or 'The Dialogue' by Saint
Catherine of Siena. 

Author Trinity Lipka (18 days)
I didn't know that hell was like that I don't know what to say

Author Randiesel (4 days)
Wes D I would appreciate if you didn't take the Lords name in vein. If you
choose not to believe than that's your decision, but saying that about my
farther, savior, and my everlasting life is disrespectful to all of us who
believe. I hope you can open you heart and find God. You must repent which
is to live your life according to God. Remember Jesus died on the cross for
your sins to be forgiven. God is merciful and has and always will love you.
I'm not perfect and neither is anybody except Jesus so there is time for
everyone. God chooses certain people like this man to spread the message of
God. May you find the Lord.

Author Barney Muthu (2 days)
To me this is bullshit. 

Author Simon Brown (4 months)
Archaeologist Nelson Gleuck asserts:
"It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever
controverted a biblical reference. Scores of archaeological findings have
been made which confirm in clear outline or exact detail historical
statements in the Bible."

Author Delilah Rich (1 day)
awwl <3 i saw a angel before at the church .. she was looking at us ,, i
dreamed about heaven its too beautiful ....... i saw a light too 

Author 65rowan (29 days)
Daniel has a lot of Demons inside him eating human flesh seems as though
that is one of them. Its a pity all cannibals don't have this experience.
It make me wonder if Toto Coelo are going to hell seeing they eat

Author Babe In Christ (14 days)
Too bad this is all lies designed to make God look like an evil tyrant that
enjoys the screams of billions of people screaming in torments throughout
all eternity...

Ezekiel 18:32, "For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth,
saith the Lord God: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye."

...see what the BIBLE says about hellfire here:

Author Michael Jones (13 days)
Heaven is just the 1000 year jury duty before the zombie barbecue God is
But don't believe me, what do I know??? At the end of the day it's a war
between ego's
God vs Satan and we are all caught up in the shit. What is fair??? I don't
fucking care.

Author Tessa Carol (1 month)
I want to be in heaven. No visiting hell just heaven

Author Peter Lee (5 days)
Hell and Heaven are real; Hell: for Satan(the devil), fallen angels, and
the unrighteous (sinners). Heaven: for those whose sins have been cleansed
by the only savior Jesus Christ. 

Author santy nebot (1 month)
About title Matthew 22:15-21, vs 21...... And Jesus said to them render
therefore to Caesar the things(pay taxes) that are Caesar's, and pay to God
the things(tithes, offering) that belongs to God. God ask of us only the
10th part of all He blesses us with, in the book of Malachi 3:8 God calls
robbers those who Refuse to give Him their tithes. And no thief can enter
the Kingdom of God, read Malachi 3:10-12 some of the Blessings that goes
with tithing.
Be doer of God's Word not hearers only, Remains ever Blessed 

Author garda847 (1 month)
D: will poor daniel be accepeted?

Author Cyril Rampersad (2 months)
One Person Experience Of Heaven And Hell !

Author Delilah Rich (1 day)
i love jesus .. i saw him before .... he said i love u :) B) ....
don't be rasit 

Author juan c. rios (8 days)
You are crazy man.

Author Mat Teo (1 month)
I don't think this is true...First, the biggest Problem i see here, that in
Revelation it states, that the people will be thrown at judgment day to
Secondly he says that he cannot enter heaven, because he not forgived his
wife. I know Jesus said this, but he also died for our sins. I don't think,
that anybody can enter heaven without a sin. But therefore Jesus died, that
we would be cleaned by his blood.
So i don't think NDE are true, look everybody tells a other story, every
report is different. So don't be decieved!!
Matthew 24,11 "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive

Author Jori Marshall (2 months)
Argument after argument after argument after argument.
Truth is, everyone one has their own definition of the truth, you'll just
have to wait till you die to find out if your truth was a lie or not.
So keep on arguing on this YT video about what is true and what isn't.
it's worthless.
Just believe what you believe and stop condemning others about what they
believe. Christian or Atheist.
Death is the ultimate answer to what the human eye can't see.
Maybe you'll have a new set of eyes, maybe you won't, so be patient, this
life won't last forever.

Author jackie jackie30 (1 month)
My Faith In God is Always there ..Here Experience was true ..i think every
one have same experience in Near Death ..they Saw Heaven and Hell ..! i
dont need evidence to see this thing if this real or not ..cause i know one
day i well see this thing if i am Die Important was my Relationship and
my Faith in God, the Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Be Strong and Believe
Only ON Him !

Author YogiYula (6 days)
Doctor Who opening theme?

Author eddieisfiction (1 month)
That's totally fake.

Author The smoking duck (20 days)
It is illogical to blindly believe. Based only on your subjectivity, and

Author Gwendolyn LaRue (17 days)
No thank you, hell will not be my portion; as for me and my house we will
serve the LORD!

Author Tangerine Farmer (2 months)
This is weird and the Dr. Who music in the beginning definitely doesn't

Author Cootabux (7 months)
Sorry, but only an evil deity woould create such a hell as shown here,
especially if such torment was eternal. Eternal torment for finite crimes??
I think not.
This hell concept was created in the minds of man. They use it to
intimidate people and to control their behavior. Do you really think a
loving and merciful god would send any sentient been to such torment. If
this were true, then it is the most evil act imaginable. And this is
especially true if this god designed and created man, giving man all of his
instincts and nature, all of his basic desires and drives. No way do I
believe such a thing. 

Author kaiyodei (19 days)
heaven is not a selfish paradise of hedonistic plesure and reward. you
just don't get tortured forever, and your reward for obedence and being a
nice person, is to praise forever.

no wonder why people want to be god.

Author Jezreel Birk (1 day)
where is the rest

Author Habibah Ahmad (1 month)
I thank "God" that He has bless me to be Muslim through His beloved Prophet
Muhammad Salaam, and I am bless to know a little about hell and heaven ,
and to understand were I will like to be with my love ones and that is
Heaven . We as people has to learn to trust in "God" and suppress our evil
thoughts and do not live for this life but the next life.

Author yu keey (4 months)
im scared i dont never ever want to go to hell after i die :/

Author Samantha Weir (17 days)
Pause right on 7:22. that "troubled soul" is smiling 

Author Christine Tan (21 day)
Im very surprised pastors are found in hell. What si sdid they do? They
usually lead people to God..?

Author 099Bigpoppa (1 month)
We all people living on this earth are just a quarter glass filled of sand
on the palm beach . really we are in the body but there are other bodies
going on now of other Gods in other universes and also in eleven other
world of our God that is our God, and if we were spirits i mean without our
body then we are part of the majority of spirits living in the spiritworld
but whatever im now here i have a past in this world and a future and my
spirit has a greater past and an eternal future, thanks guys :D

Author Furion Maga Xiaoli Vorgan (20 days)
It's even got Doctor Who theme, it must be real. 

Author kuleitorman (20 days)
this is a shit copy of the book of XICO XAVIER. dam ass

Author Judith Peters (1 month)
Thank you son you are a child of God I am proud of people like you. Thank
you so very much. amen.

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