NBC NUCLEAR CHEMICAL SUIT HAZMAT Mod. Zodiac With M65 Gas Mask Rubber Germany

1st: Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
2nd: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
3rd: Hans Zhimmer - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack - Espirit de Corps

I'm Italian. For more photos, infos and other email me at:

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Author Landon Matias (1 day)
Nice suit don't blame you I would be prepping for a nuke also.

Author x AndreW (4 months)
dove hai preso questa tuta?

Author Airsoftfrreak96 (9 months)
Could you recreate an Chernobyl liquidator suit?
it's very similar to this one, you just need Pb chest plates and full body
Pb anti rad protection

Author MegaSonicRacer (8 months)
ахахаах, пиздец))) щипцами натягивает перчатку на рукав, аахахаха))) лол,
вот лаааах)) зазазааз)00))))0)) А в военное время тоже будешь так делать?
ахахах, сдохнешь, пока будешь натягивать их на рукава))) лол)))

Author matt toad (2 months)
if you guys are looking for nbc protection go on mredepot and type nbc
suits and there us military nbc suits brand new and there only like 20

Author kira Daniels (4 months)
How and where do you get that NBC chemical suit because i can't find them
anywhere that sales them its like its impossible to find them

Author Jack Daniels (4 months)
where did you get the NBC suit? 

Author nick macleod (5 months)
If it takes you roughly 11 minutes to don a NBC suit you might as well not
have one because you will die military standard is 60 seconds.

Author Jack Daniels (4 months)
can you post a link on where you got your hazmat suit 

Author GZ Misca (6 months)
I suggest that the top and bottom flaps should be rolled up together, with
the roll on the inside. The securing straps should pass between the legs,
and cross over, giving a much more secure effect :-))) 

Author spawnage17 (7 months)
Can anyone actually understand a word this kid says?

Author Leo Campbell (10 months)
there's so much protection on that thing how could you die from gas in that

Author Leo Campbell (10 months)
looks kinda fat in that suit 5:38

Author Leo Campbell (10 months)
the face hoodie looks like a snowboard mask without the mask inside of its

Author Joker86ization (2 years)
sei un idiota te lo traduco, i translate you are a real idiot

Author Alan Wright (2 years)
That suit took far too long to put on and adjust. If you were caught in a
surprise air attack with chemical agents you would be contaminated by
fallout before you got the smock and gloves on.

Author GUNSFOREVER1 (1 year)
I recommend shutting the fuck up. =]

Author 51asso (2 years)
da dove hai preso la tuta anti radiazioni?

Author WARDIVISIONS (2 years)
nice music from black ops

Author SimonD157 (2 years)
How much autonomy with one mask filter ? How much hours before change ? To
decontaminate the suite do you need to shower and for how long ?

Author Rolando Elizalde (2 years)
That's a large suit and he looks like a x small that's why he so long to
put it on lol

Author William Owen (1 year)
"ifdfuring welfgumble narfsog bgy" as he says in the video.

Author ODsurvivalskills (2 years)
where can i get one of that set ?

Author SlipknotBoi11 (2 years)
dude, u look like your ready for world war 3

Author TG3319 (2 years)
You gotta cover the bottom part and suck in so it sticks to ur face dumbass

Author Gianmetto (2 years)
@Joker86ization Perchè sarei un idiota? Un americano mi ha chiesto di fare
periodicamente questi reviews, e io gli ho fatto questo favore. Non hai
nient'altro da fare che rompere i coglioni? Inutilissimo parassita!

Author AloysiusPoon JunYee (2 years)
Hey can iGet one of this suit from you I live in Singapore send me back an

Author 3D (2 years)
Beh, ti ringrazio molto per queste recensioni. I chimici / hazmat abiti
sono stati molto interessanti.

Author vasyasol (1 year)
most gangsta outfit ever

Author Davahn Richardson (2 years)
WTH are you watching

Author ULRICH STERN (2 years)
dove hai comprato la tuta antiradiazioni ?

Author BaKTraK Official (1 year)
You know the m65 gas masks offer no protection against radiation due to
their age right?

Author TraviesoMexiiX3 (2 years)
Looks like someones ready for the apocalypse.

Author RetroRespirators (2 years)
Nice suit man. I bet it is heavy and quite uncomfortable. I have some US
Toxicological Agent Protective(TAP) suits used by chemical EOD specialists.
I swear they weigh 7kgs or more and as you were saying in this vid, they
make movement really difficult. Would be nice to have a powered air blower
with that Zodiak. Thanks.

Author Ben Lowe (1 year)
i recommend getting a life

Author Andrey Demakov (1 year)
Одним словом ботаник........

Author Zodopch (2 years)
Have a look at: Have a look at:

Author RadioactiveSoul (1 year)
You just jealous, because you don't have such a cool suit.

Author Krzysztof Grabiński (1 year)
Hey, I heard that these suits have their durability. Can someone explain me
the time I could store an NBC suit and how long they are usable once they
are opened (from vacuum pack)?

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