Bardock Vs. Goku

Another short vid with LSW Sprites. Comparing it with my other vids, it sucks. Now you are probably thinking, WHEN WILL YOU UPLOAD TALES OF PHANTASIA SPRITE TRIBUTE TO YOUTUBE?? My answer is I am short of time to continue those big projects, and I need practice, so both vids can look as cool as a YuuMonMu vid XD. So, enjoy this vid and wait until I finish my other ones!!

PD: Voices are in Spanish because I ripped them from some chapters and I wanted to use them.

PD2: Someone asked me the sounds I used. Here they are:

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Author soníc. diclunius (3 months)
Ni ouedo creerlo O.o
Eres el Numero 1 de todos :D.... No puedo creer que aigas echo un video con
las voces originales.... Felisidades amigo
Tienes un subcriptor y a un amigo a tu lado... Sige asi (y)

Author ElDistinto (4 months)
como sellama el jugo

Author TheJack1033 (1 month)
English subs?

Author Allan Ariel Rueda Vargas (4 months)
quien ganó?

Author Ruben Goku Goku (1 month)
Que juego de dragón ball z????

Author ElDistinto (4 months)
como se llama el juego

Author St choy acosta (4 months)
P*** mierda

Author Judes Leblanc (2 years)
That is awesome. If it wasn't in....Spanish?? o.O Still awesome tho.

Author jacob ramirez (1 year)
si el hijo de bardock es goku si bardock murio de viejo y ahora vivio no lo

Author Degue1297 (1 year)

Author juan lopez (1 year)
bardock no murio de viejo lo mato freezer

Author DBD OOZ (1 year)

Author carlitos Valdez (1 year)
no joda es que en japones siempre ponen que el protagonista hable como una

Author Degue1297 (1 year)
Yeah. I'll put it on the description.

Author viridxer (3 years)
No lag!? Intense animation,Dude pretty soon you would beat YuuMonMun

Author sonicminegamer (2 years)
and the end!?

Author Degue1297 (2 years)

Author limatonbuzz (2 years)
esta chistoso te quedo bien

Author Goten983 (2 years)
it was amazing how did you do it???????????/

Author Degue1297 (2 years)
@SilverStarMeTa Mmm... Ok, you gave me an idea for my Next Sprite Battle.

Author Degue1297 (2 years)
@Egamer1 Epic comment XD

Author illcrackmeister (2 years)
goku si tiene vos de hombre en español y aqui mas no como en japones

Author guilherme hernandes dalbon (1 year)
seu video é pesimo

Author jean paul castillo (1 year)

Author DeMo Official Channel (2 years)
the problem with goku is that he holds back from every battle.

Author sebastian marcelo (2 years)
bakan la mitica batalla entre padre e hijo

Author katy939494 (1 year)
Buen vídeo

Author Abzo11 (2 years)
nice video like it :)

Author Degue1297 (1 year)
Es solo una animación, no tiene nada que ver con la historia la pelea XD

Author chhorminh88 (1 year)
Sounds like pokemon

Author Degue1297 (2 years)
Thats the song that I use in one of my other videos XD

Author viridxer (3 years)
Or just cheak my favorites for mario vs sonic bros x part 1 or watch both

Author genexodo (2 years)

Author Degue1297 (3 years)
@viridxer Ok.

Author Iniuqrat (2 years)
What is the name of the game where they get the video oO?

Author Degue1297 (2 years)
@Z3R0Unleashed Thanks!!! I really aprecciate that!

Author taniapineda94 (1 year)

Author Daniel PunkGts (1 year)
Video de a verga crees que te puedes burlar de una serie totalmente
majestuosa , vales verga pendejo

Author metroidserver (2 years)
father vs son...

Author Degue1297 (1 year)
Con Adobe Flash CS3.

Author Ana Lavea (2 years)
The hell didnt show da end dammit

Author Degue1297 (2 years)
@Goten983 Thanks!! I did it with Adobe Flash.

Author Degue1297 (1 year)
Thanks!! I do it with Adobe Flash CS3 :)

Author Degue1297 (1 year)
Me parece que estas confundiendo a Turles con Bardock. Turles es un
saiyajin clavadito a Goku que tiene una armadura gris y un scouter rojo. Lo
conocen porque es el villano principal de otra pelicula de Dragon Ball Z.
Si no me equivoco, en la peli del plan para erradicar a los saiyajines,
reviven a Turles y hacen que se enfrente a los Guerreros Z (O sea, Goku,
Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, etc.). Espero haberte aclarado la duda :)

Author leonardo romero (1 year)
like amigo XDXDXDXDXD I(* u *)I

Author viridxer (3 years)
@Degue1297 Dude I know ALL of those spriters! ^_^ Chuchocorporation did one
piece vs dragonball z and Davidsillo20 did mario vs zolo and he is starting
a series but I forgot about devidkiller but do you know JeanYagami1 ? I
will send you a video ^_^

Author IANDURBECK (1 year)

Author María Fernanda García Torres (1 year)
pararese que goku gano

Author JoseAlonso Felipa (2 years)
i want to see more

Author gokumanvegeta (1 year)
Ver exactamente esta misma pelea con los mismos diálogos en versión anime,
sería lo más épico en la historia de DB...

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