Sivapuranam is one of the Thiruvasagam sung by Sri Manickavasagar Swamigal with true loved to Swami the Divine Lord Shiva. During the Margazhi, every morning for ten days, grand puja will be done to Sri Nadaraja swami along with consort, Sri Sivagami and one of his great saint, Sri Manickavasagar. This ten days puja is called Thiruvempavai and is conducted in many Shiva temples around world.

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Author Prem kumar (21 day)
Enanudiya sivane potri. Valga tamizh valga shivan.

Author Ganapathy Swaminthan (6 months)
hi mr.adam -its called Nadaswaram - its a beautiful instrument - famous in
south india -just google it.u will come to know

Author Adam Ex (7 months)
What is the music at the end of this video? Its the music from the
ceremony. Where can I find more music like that?

Author elango rajan (5 months)
om om om nama sivayaa om om om

Author elango rajan (5 months)
i like this siva mayam

Author Kazhian Muthusami (1 year)
can u send it to me too? thanks. You can upload to google drive and share
with me

Vanakam, thank you for uploading it...It really means alot to us here in
New Zealand...We had the oppurtunity to view the pooja from here in new
zealand and our worries fly away...thank you bro...

Author Krishna Thurai (2 years)
Aum Namasivaya. Dear Brother, You condemn and say "stupid things", "sticky
showers" because you do not understand the ritual of ABISHEGAM. Please
enroll yourself in a Basic Hinduism Class. Your ignorance and 'anavam' will
have an opportunity to be cleared. And you will find Love and Peace. Anbe
Sivam. Krishna.

Author priya kumaraguru (2 years)
@daaz tham sure send

Author vasha (3 years)
nice video..

Author Guhan Priyan (1 year)
@ daaz tham mine thanx

Author SOMASUNDRAM100 (2 years)
Learn Hinduism to precisely understand the inner meaning of every ritual
performed. I, too, do not attest to excess wastage of funds which could be
used to support single mothers and for educational purposes. Dr.Soma,

Author Krushna (1 year)
The people who are commenting about the ritual of using coconuts or milk in
the Hindu rituals are being ignorant of the true hidden meaning behind
them. Also how many of these so called social conscientious citizens are
really spending money on feeding poor or single mothers or educating the
poor? Before spending money on a silly senseless movie ticket or buying
senseless gadgets are you thinking of how that money could go to the really

Author mani srirangathama (3 years)
Nice video.. Good effort!!

Author daaz tham (2 years)
song and Excellent Voice. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author MrNaressen (2 years)
its our problem its not ur mother or father who is buying these coconut

Author rajan8538 (2 years)
sivapuraanam sung by dharumapuram Sri. S.Swaminathan

Author sukanth2 (2 years)
hey,u piece of shit,shut up

Author priya kumaraguru (2 years)
is there other songs sung by this singer

Author veerapan58 (2 years)
I like the way song sung by sri Subramaniam.

Author sialraya (2 years)
@msazizi Hi hater, it is not a waste of coconuts because it is being used
in the worship of God. a God that teaches us to respect all forms of life
and not eat meat; which would actually reduce the amount of animals bred to
be killed and hence the amount of artificial inseminations and also the
methane in the atmosphere destroying the ozone layer. Also the coconut
flesh left along with Many other vegetables Donated to the temple is cooked
and served to all, regardless of caste, sex n creed.

Author Jayakumar M (1 year)
Can you send me the thirupugah MP3? My email is

Author Ganapathisami Natarajan (3 years)
Superb video

Author Karthigesu Rajendran (1 year)
hi u have the mp3 version of this song ??? pls email @ if you do have the mp3 version...thanks

Author daaz tham (2 years)
I have his Thiruppugazh MP3 songs I can send it to you if you are
interested. Thanks..................

Author msgeekz4ever (2 years)
let me clear your doubts.. as my dad would tell me,carrying a small pot of
milk is enough. carrying a pot of milk won't clear your sins or your
mistakes. as you serve god with a small pot of milk, you must let go your
habits. same goes to taking kavadi's and going bald. but ppl nowadays take
things wrongly. they poke all over their body and carry tons of milk. it
doesnt matter. all maters is that you let go your habits.

Author Naachammai Somasundaram (2 years)
thanks for the wonderful video... thiruchitrambalam, om sivaya namah...
Thank you

Author G.Arunagiri G.Arunagiri (2 years)
Well Song. Ketppatharkku migavum inimaiyaana padal. Nandri

Author D.Rajeswari A.Devandran (2 years)

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