2 Girls hard revving

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Author J tran (12 days)
ENOUGH OF THE INSULTS!!! can't you just enjoy the video and quit insulting
the lady in red heels?

Author alex LOVE REVVING (5 months)

Author alex LOVE REVVING (5 months)

Author balletpedal (2 years)
Magnificent sadistic video!!!! Violence over car the excellent!!! Make
violence over car in soft ballet slippers or in nylon footless!!!

Author matthew parker (2 years)
just wondering what the neighbours thought?

Author Mark Roemer (10 months)
yes, it is a very nice clip, can you make a clip where we can you and the
abgas see?

Author 星 邢 (2 years)
china sichuan?

Author TheHardRevving (1 year)
its a nice clip, would be nice too if there will be some more like that

Author Lolo Hihu (2 years)
Sexy shoes

Author HRVAT1975 (2 years)
How funny would it be if the girl slammed it into gear with her leg by
accident ;-) Nice feet though!!!

Author Frosty (2 years)

Author tazbadboy1973 (2 years)
damn light it up

Author JoeLil1993 (2 years)
People seriously need to treat things with resprect. I know if I had a GF
that did that to my truck, I would flip out, what is so interesting about
revving a car in good repair?

Author hu man (1 year)
a lot of holes in the floor from them heels.

Author tippycanoe99 (2 years)
the red strappy heel is sexy

Author villain0187 (2 years)
i just heard what sounded like mandarin language. are they chinese?

Author Bennie70 (2 years)
Love pedal action from the passenger side!

Author villain0187 (1 year)
well there goes my luck. :/

Author dhw314 (1 year)
yes. from a site called pedal paradise and crush. they had a bunch of clips
of women driving city passenger buses in high heels. no longer around but
it was a nice site if you are into pedal pumping.

Author storm7777777777777 (2 years)
can you do this video in flip flops or open toe house slippers?

Author alabala327 (2 years)
stupid ass bitches that's why women shouldn't have driving license

Author vcairess4 (2 years)
very ugly feet in red...

Author Jaime Torres (1 year)
3:50 mins of my life wasted -______- #dumbimbos

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